Karachi, the city of lights, is considered to be the backbone of Pakistan. It is the greatest city in Pakistan and the 20th greatest city in the world in terms of urban population. In terms of population, it is the third largest city in the globe. It is the hub of economic and financial activities and produces the most revenue for Pakistan. Being representing a coastal city, it also serves as the primary port of Pakistan.

Karachi is known as the cosmopolitan city. Various communities live here. Many people from other parts of the Pakistan come here in search of employment and jobs. Due to the many different languages spoken here and diverse traditions plus cultures, Karachi is known as “mini Pakistan.”

Life in this metropolitan city is fast paced. Each and every person is busy either working or partying relying upon the age and income. Karachi is called as the city of contrasts; you will see ultra rich people living in large mansions in one end of the city and two or three families crammed in a two room apartment in the other.Karachi – The city of lights

For visitors, beaches and shopping centers hold the much attraction. The tomb of Quaid e Azam is the hallmark of the Karachi city and is one of the most visited areas in Pakistan. Karachi was in real discovered by the British, it was basically a fishing village called Kolachi. Because of its proximity to the sea, it was preferred and acknowledged by the British. Unlike Lahore, there are not many relics and remnants of Mughal period here, but many specimens of British and Parsi architectural designs are found here.

The most popular ones are:

  1. The Empress market.
  2. Jahangir Kotari Parade.
  3. The Frere Hall.
  4. The Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.
  5. The Mere Weather Tower.

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