Khokhrapar: The Scenic Border Town of Tharparkar, Sindh

Khokhrapar or Khokhropar (Urdu: کھوکھراپار‎) is a defined border town located in the district of TharparkarSindh province, Pakistan. It is situated at 25°41 North 70°12 East and has an altitude of 71 meters (233 feet).

Railway of Khokhrapar

Khokhrapar railway station was developed in the year of 2016. Before the independence of Pakistan in the year of 1947, the Sind Mail was run between Hyderabad, Pakistan and Ahmedabad, India through Mirpur Khas Khokhrapar, Munabao, Barmer, Luni, Jodhpur, Pali, Marwar and Palanpur. After the independence Khokhrapar was the last railway station in Pakistan on Hyderabad, Pakistan – Jodhpur, India railway line and used for customs and immigration.

The train service between the city of Hyderabad, Pakistan and Jodhpur, India closed down after the 1965 war. The town and the rest of the Nagarparkar salient were captured by the state of India in the 1971 war, and came back to Pakistan in the year of 1972.

In the month of February 2006, Mirpur Khas – Munabao railway line reopened after the conversion of metre gauge railway track to broad gauge. Now Zero Point railway station is the last station in the state of Pakistan on this railway line to customs and immigration.




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