Kot Lalu: The Inspirational Town of Khairpur, Sindh

Kot lalu is a renowned town situated in the region of Khairpur district. Mehran highway passes through the town, which is the mere road people use to travel other areas. Kot lalu is rich with fertile lands and some areas are covered with sand dews. Climate of the town is considerable hot, raining from 40° to 60° Celsius whereas in winter temperature falls up to 10 °C.

Nearby areas of Kot Lalu

The nearby areas of this town are Nangar khan mari, Nawabshah, Padidan, Mehrabpur , Thari Mirwah and Darya Khan Mari which is situated in district Naushahro Feroz.


The overall population of this town is almost 8,000 – 10,000, which includes people from many different religions including Hindus, Punjabi and Pathan but most of the town’s land is inhabited by Sindhi people.


Individuals living there belongs to different religions and speak many different languages including Hindi, Balochi, Pashto and the main communicational language is Sindhi.

Source of Income

Majority of the inhabitants lives in mudhouses. Farming is the common way of income. Some people fulfill their requirements by working in cotton and sugar mills established inside the town. Although, the dominant source of income is the import and export of the fruits and vegetables grown in the fertile lands, which is useful to other people living in district Khairpur.



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