Malakhra: The Traditional Wrestling of Sindh

Malakhra ملاکڙو – مَلهَه

Sindh is the rich and fertile land of Pakistan, which is full of culture, Malakhra is among one of them. It is also known as Malakhro. It resembles to wrestling but awash with the traditional heritage.

The Match is composed of 2 participants who wear a type of wide cloth which is tied around the waist. Both of the rivals do try hard to make fall the second person by grabbing his waist-cloth. They both try their level best to win this cultural game, and the one who wins, it is the necessary element of Malakhra that both the opponents must embrace each other as a symbol of brotherhood and sportsmen ship. On Friday or public holidays, Malakhra is organized so that a huge sum of the people could amuse the match.Malakhra: The Traditional Wrestling of Sindh

Malho (wrestlers) are generally hired by the moneyed and rich people of Sindh who also put in order this entire event for the enjoyment/entertainment of others and themselves. Malhs came from far and near places of the country for their contribution and participation in this game.

There are definite rules that should be obeyed during the complete session of match that may involve like the rivals can utilize their hands merely for assault; time long stay of Malhos out of the pointed/fixed field for Malakhra will result in the disqualification etc. To ignore such situations, there are some other principles involving broaching on shoulder of adversary or compelling him to fall for submissions or the slams etc.Malakhra: The Traditional Wrestling of Sindh

In current days, its awareness and prominence is developed that much that the contests are even telecasted on the private and national channels. Malakhra is not merely common among the adults, but is also the favorite cultural sport among the youth not merely of Sindh province but also of entire Pakistan.



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