Media Science in Sindh

The degree of Media Studies employs cutting-edge and accessible teaching techniques to provide an engaging learning atmosphere that prepares you for the exciting, fast-paced and rapidly changing media and communication industries. The program of Media Science in Sindh is distinctive because it gives students the opportunity to undertake a broad mix of subjects.

Basically media science is a discipline as well as the field of study that deals along with the content, history, and effects of different media; especially, the mass media.

Media Science in Sindh might draw on traditions from both the social sciences as well as the humanities, although mostly from its main disciplines of mass communication, communication, communication sciences, and communication studies. In Sindh, there are huge number of colleges and universities which are offering admissions in Media Studies Program. All these universities and colleges are affiliated. Normally students study media and advertisements courses and programs at bachelor’s and master’s level.

Here on Sindhi Dunya, we’ve offered a complete guide for all those interested students who desires to get admission in Media Science degree. We’ve given here the admission criteria of various universities here as well.

Admission Criteria:

  • Bachelors Program of Media Science in Sindh:

After gaining the education until intermediate, the aspirants can apply in the 4-years program of Media Science in Sindh if they are interested.

  • Masters Program of Media Science:

It is a 2 year program course.

  • MS / M.Phil Program of Media Science:

It is a 2-year program course after bachelors.

  • PhD Program of Media Science:

After MS / M.Phil in Media Science, the minimum period for completion of PhD in the course of Media Science in Sindh is three years from the date of registration, and the maximum period is seven years.

Following is the complete list of most notable universities and colleges which are providing the degree of Media Science in Sindh:







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