Miran Mohammad Shah: The Active 1st Speaker of Sindh Assembly

Syed Miran Mohammad Shah (Sindhi سيد ميران محمد شاھ) was the eminent 2nd speaker of the Sindh Assembly before and after the independence of the state Pakistan. Syed Miran Mohammad Shah was an active Sindh member in the proposed Bombay Legislative Assembly before the Sindh became a province in the year 1936. After the accession of province Sindh to the new country i.e. Pakistan in the year 1947, he became the 1st speaker of the Sindh Assembly. He sustained to be the speaker of Sindh Legislative Assembly and Minister for the  Sindh Government. Miran Mohammad Shah was also appointed as the 1st ambassador of the state Pakistan to Spain after the emergence of Pakistan.

Political life of Miran Mohammad Shah

Miran Mohammad Shah was an active avid member of United Party of Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto in the year 1936, while serving under him as the Sindh member of the Bombay Legislative Assembly. When the United Party stood in the proposed provincial elections in the year 1937, Hindu moneylenders and the Indian National Congress spent major amounts of money to grab the seat of Bhutto. Never in the history of the country India had there been such extravagant rates of campaigning attempts done to grab a single seat. In this moment of likely loss, Syed Miran Shah was believed to be one of the closest companions Bhutto had against his rival Sheikh Abdul Majid Sindhi. However the party suffered heavy loss in the proposed provincial elections, they yet grabbed a great number of seats in the provincial assembly. However Miran Mohammad Shah, along with few other notable Sindhis involving Allah Bux Soomro,  Pirzada Abdus Sattar, G. M. Syed, Pir Ilahi Bux,  and Muhammad Hashim Gazdar depicted complete confidence in the leadership of Bhutto, Bhutto nonetheless chose to abdicate in the favor of Sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah.

Relationship with Allama Iqbal

So interlinked was he in the emergence of the Pakistan Movement that he was at the personal terms with the greatest poet of all time Allama Iqbal. Upon the full confirmation of his holy pilgrimage for Hajj in the sacred city of Mecca, he wrote to the Allama Iqbal in case to share the news. Allama Iqbal reacted with a letter dated to the year of December 2, 1937 claiming, “Thank God you are fine and busy in the preparations for the sacred Hajj. May God bless you in this holy journey. I wish I could join you. But sadly, for me tile days of partition are not over as yet. I’m not the much worthy of being called to the tomb of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).”

Political lineage

Miran Mohammad Shah is the eminent maternal grandfather of Syed Naveed Qamar, the famous Federal Minister for Petroleum, previously the Finance Minister of Pakistan.

Cultural strides

As well as being an active politician, Miran Mohammad Shah was an eminent Sindhi literary personality. He established the Sindhi Adabi Board (SAB) in case to secure the culture of province Sindh and the language of Sindh along with G.M Syed, Agha Badaruddin, Ali Muhammad Rashidi and various others. After the enforcement of martial law by the General Ayub Khan and the imposition of the One Unit, the governing elite minimized the participation of writers-cum-politicians and enforced an embargo on the SAB to stop it from issuing radical literature. Miran Mohammad Shah was believed to be amongst the politicians that ceased to function as members thenceforth. The Pakistan’s Government has named a road in the city of Karachi after his name to pay tribute to him.




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