Mohana Tribe: The Honorable Sindhi Tribe

The Mohana Tribe or Mohano Tribe is a famous Sindhi tribe which is found in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab in the state of Pakistan. Several of them prefer the self-designation Mir Bahar.

The Mohana Tribe of Sindh

The tribe historically engaged in the Fishing industry. The tribe is basically Muslims, following the values of Sunni Hanafi Fiqh, and speaking the Sindhi language. Several Mohana Tribe give priority to self-designation Mir-Bahar, which generally means the Lord of the sea. They are discovered throughout the province of Sindh, but are concentrated along the shore of Lake Manchar. In the province of Baluchistan, the Mohana Tribe is mostly termed as the Medes, and is found largely in the area of Makran. In accordance to few traditions and customs, the Mohana are descendents of the Scythian Medes, who survived on the banks of the Indus River few thousand years ago. They are believed to be one of the Sindhi tribes highlighted in the Chachnama, and together with the Lohana, Soomra and Samma are believed to be the original inhabitants of the Sindh province.

The tribe is not merely about the fishermen, but sailors and boatmen as well. Several are employed and working on fishing trawlers in the city of Karachi. They have various sub-categories, the primary ones being the Karachia and Laria. Each sub-category inter marries, however there is a preference in marrying the close kin. They also have much close relationship with the community of Mallaah which resides in the coastal region of Sindh, and the 2 groups mostly intermarry.



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