Moriro: The Courageous Tale of Fisherman-Seeker

Moriro ain Mangermachh (Sindhi: مورڙو ۽ مانگر مڇ‎) is a famous tale of personal valor and inventive method by which the hero Moriro (the fisherman-seeker) killed a dangerous sea-monster Mangermachh (Crocodile) by diving deep in a particularly built Iron-Cage.

The courageous fisherman, who went into the sea to bring back his dead six brothers who had been swallowed one after one by the dangerous devouring whale.

Synopsis of Moriro Tale

In good historical days, there was a village of fishermen known as Kalachi. The primary source of subsistence of the villagers was the occupation of fishing; they utilized to row their boats deep into the sea to catch fish. In the locality (now famously called as Clifton) was a hazardous whirlpool known as ‘Kalachi jo Kun’, meaning the ‘Vortex of Kalachi’. Boats would get caught up and sunk deep in the vortex. Once upon a time, a Whale took abode in the whirlpool and it devoured the people and crew of the boats, caught in the whirlpool.

There was another village of fishermen known as Sonmiani at a distance of sixty miles from the area of Kalachi. There lived in the village a fisherman known as Aoubhayo (Sindhi: اوڀايو‎). He had 7 sons, all powerful and well-built, instead of his youngest son Moriro, who was of short-stature and handicapped; as such he wasn’t taken fishing. His 6 brothers were used to go for their catch early in the morning and return after the time of sunset.

One day they didn’t return home. It stressed out the villagers. They went out in their search and founded that their boats were caught by the whirlpool and the Whale had devoured them. Knowing about the tragic death of his brothers, Moriro, though handicapped, decided to take revenge and rid the villagers of the calamitous monster. He got an iron-cage made, fitted with pointed spikes on its outside and tied with powerful ropes. The ropes were fastened in the necks of 2 powerful male buffaloes. He then sat inside the cage and it was lowered in the whirlpool. He had directed the villagers to pull out the cage when he shook ropes inside.

As the cage was then lowered, the fish seeing a prey pounced on it to swallow it. It got hooked and pierced with spikes. Moriro shook the ropes and  the cage was pulled out along with the killer crocodile enmeshed with the cage. Villagers incised and cut its stomach and brought out remnants of the entire dead brothers and buried them near the northeast side of region Kalachi, at the foot of the mountain, and Moriro spent remaining life as keeper of their graves.

The area even today is known as the “Graveyard of Moriro”. It is 2 miles from the city of Karachi, near the cremation ground of Hindus.



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