Muhammad Ali Talpur: The Well-Known Artist of Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Talpur is a renowned contemporary Pakistani artist. He is believed to be as the mere minimalist artist in the state of Pakistan because of his linear drawings. He is teaching at National College of Arts and works at his studio in Lahore. His works has been exhibited in national and international art galleries like Art & Public gallery, Geneva, XVA gallery, Dubai, Finsbury Park, England, Shanghai art fair, 2007, Dubai Art Fair, 2008 and Hong Kong art fair, 2008.

Life of Muhammad Ali Talpur

Muhammad Ali Talpur was born in the year of 1976 in Tando Jam, Sindh province. He spent his childhood in his home town Tando Jam then he shifted to Lahore. He got his BFA degree in 1998 from the National College of Arts, Lahore. His brother Amjad Talpur is also a professor in art, working at Mehran University, Jamshoro city. Now he lives and works in Lahore.

Art career

His work passed through several phases to get the unique identity. He is famous for his linear drawings, these drawings reflect the magical quality that a viewer can not resist to pass through the inner essence of visual pleasure. He creates drawings like poetry by arranging the cluster of lines on paper and deliberately states “art without content” which interpret the existence of life.



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