Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo: The Eminent Sindhi Nationalist

Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo (born August 13, 1915-), born to the Muhammad Khan, Joyo is a famous teacher, writer scholar and Sindhi nationalist. He was born in the small village of Abad near the place of Laki, Kotri, Dadu, now in the city of Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. He is believed to be the living legend of the Sindhi literature, which has written, translated and edited thousnads of books and brochures.

On the day of Wednesday, August 13, 2015, Joyo stepped into the centennial of his life.

Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo acquired his early education from regional village. He got education from the places of Luki and Sann. He then gained his matriculation from Sindh Madarsatul Islam in the year 1934. In the year 1938, Joyo passed the B.A. from the institution of DG Sindh College; University of Bombay. He went to Bombay for TP education.

CareerMuhammad Ibrahim Joyo: The Eminent Sindhi Nationalist

Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo was elected as a teacher in the institution of Sindh Madrasatul Islam in the year 1941. He wrote a book named as entitled Save Sindh, Save the Continent. This work angered and upset the administration authorities, causing a fight with Pir Ilahi Bux who ordered removal of Joyo from his job. Although, he got a new job in the institution of Thatta Municipal High School.

After that, he was transferred to the city of Hyderabad at training college. He was elected as secretary of Sindhi Adabi Board in the year 1951. In the year 1961, Joyo got resignation from his job. Again, he was offered the similar job a number of times. He was secretary of Sindhi Adabi Board till the year 1973. He was also included with Sindh Textbook Board and served as chairman of the Sindhi Adabi Board.

Joyo has translated and written various books. He has several translations of popular European books to his credit. He has been writing on the topics of Sindh and Sindhi for seventy years.

In the year 2013, he gained a literary award from the Pakistan Academy of Letters. And also honorary degrees from the famous universities.

He has written various story books and text books for school kids, prefaces, debates and numerous literary essays.



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