Nai Gaj: The Scenic Spot of Sindh Province, Pakistan

Nai Gaj, meaning Hill Torrent of the Gaj River, is a scenic picnic place on the banks of the Gaj River where it leaves the beautiful Kirthar Hills and wanders off across the plain. The Nai Gaj is a picturesque site where water flows from the region of Kirthar range in to the Nai. The jeep track to Nai Gaj leaves the Indus Highway north of Sehwan and passes through the place of Johi.

Nai Gaj Dam is an embankment dam presently under the construction on the Gaj River in the gorge area at the edge of Kirthar Mountains range at about 65 kilometers (40 miles) north-west of Dadu city in Dadu DistrictSindh Province of Pakistan. The construction stated in the year of 2012 and when complete, its power station will have a 4.2 MW installed capacity.

Construction of Nai Gaj Dam

The construction of the dam initiated in the year of May 2012. Around 48 percent of the construction work is completed. The dam is scheduled to be completed in the year of June 2018.

Salient features

Type of Dam: Earth Core Rockfill dam.
Height of Dam: 194 Feet
Live Storage: 0.16 MAF
Gross Storage: 0.30 MAF
Dead Storage: 0.140 MAF
Fuse Plug Capacity: 74000 Cusecs
Spillway Capacity: 253000 Cusecs
Command Area: 40,000 Acres
Cropped Area: 80,000 Acres
Cropping Intensity: 200 percent
Power House Installed Capacity: 4.2 MW
Project Cost (2009): Rs.28.153 Billion (Revised)
EIRR: 13.18 percent
B.C. Ratio: 1.32:1





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