Native Jetty Bridge: The Magnificent Landmark of Karachi, Sindh

Immensely Crowded. Extremely Polluted. Revered like a shrine. Mostly used as a jumping pad by the suicidals. The Native Jetty Bridge is in real sense the landmark of people. A routinely ritual of feeding Kites, pigeons and crows has been going on for ages. The ritual could be as ancient as the history of the bridge itself. More significantly, the bridge gives a public space to individuals to live in the moment. To live in the moment the way they desire.

Karachi modern port initiated its operations big time on the year of 1854. A mole was built to connect city to the harbor. After some years, Native Jetty Bridge was constructed with other significant bridges in the place. Now the bridge is crossed and used by millions each day on their way to work. Few stop and purchase balls of dough and pieces of meat and throw it in the air for kites to catch them before they vanish in mossy water. The people of Karachi can see the development work going on the food street. It is hoped that Grand Port project will be launched soon. It is an attempt to transform the reputation of area from a polluted road junction to a home to contemporary art, fashion and cuisine. Nothing has been done to decrease the pollution in the place though.

To get there park your car in front of burnt-renovated Bahria complex on the area of M.T.Khan road. Walk towards the bridge footsteps. There is a recently paved road going to Grand Port Food Street and a minor street diverting to the Lakshminarayan Mandar. Take the stairs and go up. Purchase few dough balls and throw them up. This luxury might not remain with the individuals for long.




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