NED University of Engineering and Technology: A Route towards Success

The NED University of Engineering and Technology is an institution of public research situated in the elite area of Karachi of Sindh Province. It is one of the historical structures of higher learning in the country of Pakistan and is prominent for its powerful emphasis on higher learning in technology and science.

Established in 1922 as a technological project to give training to engineers of civil subject working in constructing the Sukkur Barrage, the institution came to its ultra modern form after being constructed by the government of British. The institution is named by the government for its donor, philanthropist and benefactor i.e. Nadirshaw Eduljee Dinshaw. Instead of its concentration on engineering and science programmes, the institution also provides a wide variety of academic subjects in fine arts, philosophy and humanities for under graduate, doctoral studies and post graduate. The institution is also a member of Association of Commonwealth Universities, United Kingdom.

Basically, its economical endowment and tech-science research is headed towards the progress of the natural, management, engineering and medical sciences. Arranged into 6 science faculties as well as numerous associated research organizations affiliated with the institution in the city of Karachi.



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