Pariyal (Paru) Chandio – A Short Story

Paryal Chandio was also known as Paru Chandio. Paryal Chandio was shot dead in 1983 by Pakistan Army in one of battle fought between him and armed forces.

Paru Chandio was considered to be a right arm for poor people of Sindh. He was famous for his generosity in between the poor people. He never laid down himself in front of fueds and that was the only reason that such feuds were major enemies of his life.

Paru Chandio was famous that he used to loot such feuds and distribute that stolen stuff within the needy and poor people. He gathered dowries for different poor girls and played a vital role to fulfill the responsibilities in marriages of poor girls. He was so brave that even in Martial Law times, he fought against armed forces as well.

Many of his nearby people believe that Paryal Chandio became to be a criminal due to circumstances of the society that ruined his whole life. He took weapons in his hand due to cruelty and injustice of feudal system, who made him a gangster. Locals told that, Paru never misbehaved with poor people and local people of the region.  He ended many of critical issues, when many people came to him along with their respected women. He always considered girls equivalent to 7 Qurans, due to which he forgive many of cruelties, which were done with him.

At the time, Paru Chandio made a kidnapping of Mr. Muhammad Bux Memon, who was a father of famous writer of Patt Sharif Mr. Naseer Memon. He did for the reason that he got the information that one of a son of Mr. Muhammad Bux Memon is informing the local police about the routes of Paru Chandio and his companions. He afterwards released him, when some known respected people guaranteed for not doing so.

Paru Chandio never committed any kind of wrongdoing, while local agencies raised a conflict between Maachi and Chandio casts, because armed forces and rangers wanted to kill him but they were not succeeded to do so and that was a reason that a conflict was generated by agencies between two casts. They wanted that Maachi caste should kill Paryal. For this reason, agencies successfully gathered the local feuds, Maachi, Rangers, Police and Armed Forces at one side and on other hand there was Paryal along with some of his companions. Due to the tribal conflict, when Chandio tribe heard about it, than a whole Chandio tribe get involved in it. Chandio tribe faced a huge loss in it. The regions from the village Patt till Mehar became the lands of battle.

Due to his generosity, helping hand and kind to people, people not only loved Paryal in fear but people never considered him traditional gangster. Paryal Chandio was considered to be so brave. Our land have shorten of such heroes.

At High School Patt Sharrif, armed forces used to ask the students, that if they know about Paryal. They always replied for Paru that he lives in forest. Government Machinery was so scared that they were not ready to go inside the forests due to a fear of Paru. They were even scared from the reflection of Paru. When whole Government Machinery was failed to kill him, than he was killed by internal conspiracy, which was generated in between his own companions. He was brought at the place of Shah Panju and Balishah Railway Cross-line by fraud. He was killed at there. Even after his death, 100’s of policemen and other soldiers were unable to go nearby to his body in fear and they were not coming out of their vehicles for some good time. Their hearts were too much weak that they were thinking that what if Paru lived up again.

Police Officers of that time, still appreciate the bravery of Paryal Chandio.

هڪ شارٽ اسٽوري

پريل چانڊيو.

جنهن کي پرو چانڊيو به چيو ويندو هو / آهي
پريل عرف پرو چانڊيو جنهن کي فوجين 1983 ۾ مقابلو ڪري ماريو ، ان جي لاءَ مشهور هو ته غريبن جو هڏ ڏوکي هو ، هو وڏيرن جو پاليل نه هو پر وڏيرن جو دشمن هُيو ۽ وڏيرن وٽان ڌاڙا هڻي غريبن ۾ ورهائيندو هُو، پرو چانڊيو ڪيترن ئي غريبن ماڻهن جي نياڻين جي شادين لاءَ سمورو ڏاج جو سامان مدد طور ڏيندو هُو ۽ فوجي مارشلا ۾ هو فوجين خلاف به ڪاروايون ڪندو هُو .
پريل کي حالتن ڌاڙيل ڪيو هو. وڏيرن جي ظلم ۽ ڏاڍ سبب هُن هٿيار کنيا. پر هُن مقامي ماڻهن ۽ غريبن کي ڪڏهن به تنگ نه ڪيو ۽ نه ئي وري عورتن سان بدسلوڪي ڪئي.
هُن ڪيترائي معاملا نياڻين ميڙ تي ختم ڪيا. نياڻين کي ست قران جي حيثيت سمجهي هُن مخالفن کي، معاف به ڪيو. 
اُن دور ۾ پريل هڪ واردات پاٽ شريف مان نامياري ليکڪ نصير ميمڻ جي والد سائين محمد بخش ميمڻ کي اغوا واري ڪئي هُئي.
اُن لاءِ به کيس خبر پئي هُئي ته سائين جي پُٽن مان ڪير رُڪڻ ٿاڻي تي اطلاع ڪري پوليس کي کيس جي رستن تان گُذرڻ جا اطلاع ٿو ڏئي. پر پوءِ وچ ۾ چئن چڱن جي پوڻ تي سائينءَ کي پريل ڇڏي ڏنو هو .
پريل تر جي ڪنهن به ماڻهو سان بي واجبي نه ڪئي.
جڏهن ته ايجنسين ماڇي چانڊيا تڪرار کڙو ڪرايو هو، ڇاڪاڻ ته خود آرمي ۽ رينجرس پريل کي ماري سگهڻ ۾ ناڪام ويون هُيون انهن چاهيو پئي ته ماڇين هٿان پريل کي مارائجي.
ان حد تائين جو اُن قبائلي تڪرار ۾ هڪ پاسي مقامي وڏيرا، ماڇي، رينجرس، پوليس ۽ فوج هُئي ته ٻئي پاسي پريل ۽ اُن جا ساٿي هُئا. 
جڏهن ته اُن قبائلي تڪرار جي باهه ۾ پوءِ ته مقامي طور سمورا چانڊيا لهي پيا. اُن ۾ چانڊين جو نقصان ته ٿيو هو پر سڄو ايريا پاٽ کان وٺي ميهڙ تائين جا سمورا ڳوٺ جنگ جو ميدان بڻجي پيا هُئا. 
پريل سان نه رُڳو خوف سبب عام ماڻهو محبت ڪندو هو پر هُن جي سماجي ڪردار خاص طور غريبن جو لحاظ ڪرڻ ۽ عورتن جو احترام ڪرڻ سبب ماڻهو کيس روايتي ڌاڙيل تصور نه ڪندا هُئا. ٻيو ته هُو تمام گهڻو بهادر هو. اهڙا ماڻهو گهٽ ٿيندا آهن 
هاءِ اسڪول پاٽ ۾ پڙهندڙ شاگرد پاٽ شريف جي ٻاهران وهندڙيءَ وٽ فوج شاگردن کي روڪي پُڇندي هُئي ته “ آپ جانتي هين ڪي پري ڪهان رهتي هي” شاگردن کي اردو ته سمجهه ۾ نه ايندي هُئي پر کين چوندا هُئا ته اها ٻيلي ۾ رهندي آهي.
ان حد تائين جو سڄي سرڪاري مشينري ڪچي جي بند کان هيٺ نه لهندي هُئي ۽ انهن جي دلين تي پريل جي خوف جو پاڇو پيل هو.
پر جڏهن پريل کي مارڻ ۾ سڀ ناڪام ٿيا ته پريل جي ساٿين کي ئي استعمال ڪري سازش تحت پريل کي شاهه پنجو ۽ باليشاهه واري سعيدي موساڻي پاسي ويندڙ رستي تي ريلوي ڦاٽڪ وٽ مقابلي ۾ ماريو ويو. 
مارڻ کان پوءِ به سوين گاڏين ۾ چڙهيل ورديءَ وارا مري ويل پريل جي ويجهو وڃڻ لاءِ تيار نه هُئا. 
سندن دليون ايتريون ڪمزور هُيون جو هُنن کي خوف هو ته متان پريل جيئرو نه هُجي.
ان دور جا پوليس آفيسر اڄ به پريل جي بهادريءَ تي کيس داد ڏيندا رهندا آهن.