Pir Jo Goth: The Inspiring City of Sindh, Pakistan

Pir Jo Goth is a notable city in the state of Pakistan located in the Kingri Taluka of Khairpur District in the Sindh Province. It is the headquarter of Kingri taluka. Its population is almost 110,000. It is located at 27.59169 N and 68.60378 E. It is primarily popular for the tomb of Muhammad Rashid (termed as Roz-e-Dhani) and his descendants. Murids of Roz-e-Dahni are now called Hurs and the descendant of Roz-e-Dahani is called Pir-Pagaara. Sayed Sibgatullah Shah Rashidi (iii) is the 8th Pir Paghara. The Hurs visit the city four times in a year for Ziyarat of Pir Sahib Pagara and the tomb of Muhammad Rashid (Roz-e-Dhani). Sayed Muhammad Rashid Shah Rashidi is MPA of Pir-jo-goth (From the year of 2013), Sayed Najebullah Shah Rashidi is chairman of Taluka Kingri (from 2015) and Abdul Gafar Memon is city chairman (From 2015). Several schools (government and private) and colleges for both boys and girls education are also located in city. College namely Government Boys Degree College and Government Girls Degree College provides higher education in city. And Jamia Rashidia Islamic University (non-government) for Islamic education and two Libraries (one non-government and other is government library) also in Pir jo goth city. And for health one, civil hospital and many private hospitals are available in city. The city has two big bazaars namely Shahi Bazar and Thano Road. Ground and parks for citizen are also present in city. And Anaj Mandi, Sabzi Mandi, Goshat Market and Maal Piddi also are the key parts in Pir-jo-goth city. Pir-jo-Goth is headquarter of Pakistan Muslim League Functional. Dates and bananas are popular fruit of Pir Jo Goth.



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