Rajo Nizamani: The Eminent Town of Sindh

Rajo Nizamani is a notable town in Taluka, Tando Muhammad Khan district, Sindh province, Pakistan. The town is situated about 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) in the northeast of district headquarters of Tando Muhammad Khan on the main road of Baqar Nizamani. The town has a population of about 20,000 individuals with different castes such as DARS’ Nizamani, Qambrani/Sheedi, Khaskeli, Unar and Qureshi. The town is divided into five major parts: DARS Muhalla ‘Nizamanimuhalla, Sheedi Muhalla, Unar, Muhalla and Duri Muhalla WaluAbad.

Education of Rajo Nizamani

There are four primary schools, two secondary schools, 1 model school and one higher secondary school. There is a lake (Phitto, which means deformed) there is a bypass road connected with the lake.

The Sachal Library of Rajo Nizamani has played a role to establish ideas of the students as they can study in the different universities of Pakistan. Sachal Library has been open since the year of 1995. Because of this several students are studying and a new idea has arisen for higher education. The town also has a welfare Association, the Sachal Young Welfare Association.

Political structure

Politically Rajo Nizamani Town is categorized into three main parties:

  1. Pakistan Peoples Party PPP,
  2. Jamat-e-Islami JI
  3.  PTI.

PPP came there by the time of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (the former of PPP), the introduction of Jamat-e-Islami was done by Mama Gul Mohammad Nizamani also termed as Bhutto of Rajo Nizamani by local population, the third main party is PTI. This party came here by the efforts of two youngsters Salman Nizamani and Muhammad Hassan Nizamani. Muhammad Hassan Nizamani is regionally called Chacho. PTI has emerged as a third big in this town and grown rapidly.

Among three said parties, JI and PTI are running their own welfare agencies and work to assist people to resolve their issues without having power in the government. PTI primarily runs SYWA NGO to provide guideline and career counseling to the new students entering the universities while JI mainly works to help poor people in terms of health, food supply, financial help, flood relief.

PPP has always ruled being in government. Because of the deficiency of interest to resolve the town problems and less participation in the infrastructure development of town, this party losing its popularity and facing a big resistance caused by JI and PTI.



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