Ras Muari: The Wonderful Beach Resort in Karachi, Sindh

Ras Muari, frequently termed as Cape Monze, is a beach situated along the shore of the Arabian Sea in Karachi city. It stretches from the village of Mubarak to Yousuf Goth (Pacha) in West Karachi city, Sindh province, Pakistan.

Location of Ras Muari

Ras Muari is a significant part of a 25-kilometer coastal belt of rocky and sandy beaches between Mubarak and Yousuf Goth (Pacha). This portion of the coast belongs to the Sindh Revenue department. Considered a habitat for endangered whale, dolphin, and turtle species, Ras Muari is also a hatching and feeding ground for turtles. Additionally, the coastline has a multitude of offshore fish nurseries.

Ras Mauri Lighthouse

In the year of 1916, the British Government of India, commissioned the construction of Lightship Sindhi (now Ras Muari Lighthouse). Unlike other lighthouses, lightships can be shifted from one place to another. Most of the remaining lightships of the world are maintained purely for their historical and novelty value rather than for their maritime utility. In 1916, the Lightship Sindhi was a welcome addition to British India’s maritime assets. Built at the Royal Indian Navy in Bombay, it was purposed to serve off the coast of Sindh. During World War I, it served off the Iranian island of Qais and was very valuable in assisting maritime traffic. After the war, it was stationed off the Hajamrao Creek in the Indus Delta region. Its light is reported to have been visible from as far as 10 miles away. Unlike the surrounding Manora Point Lighthouse, Cape Monze lighthouse was not visible from Karachi, or any other popular beach in the area. During its construction, camels were utilized to transport the essential materials to the area, otherwise remote from the rest of the territory. The practice has continued to this day.



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