Reti: A Small City of Great Significance in Sindh

Reti is an eminent small city of Ghotki District in the Sindh Province of Pakistan. It is located over 110 kilometres (68 mi) from Sukkur city, and between Daharki and Ubauro, about 30 kilometres (19 mi) from the Indian border.

There are many religious places in the city including mausoleums of Al Mahdi (A.J) Imam Bargah Reti, Pir Fida Hussain Shah, Pir Gulan Shah Bukhari, Shaheed Shahnawas Ghoth, Kamu Shaheed, Dado Bambhlo Shaheed (near Marowala), Hazur Pir, Pir Noor Shah and Many Dargaz and Imam Bargahs.

The city’s railway station is believed to be one of the historical railway stations in Sindh province.

There is oil development in the area.


The is predominantly Muslim, with a small Hindu minority.

Al Mahdi (A.J) Imam Bargah Reti

The Al Mahdi (A.J) Imam Bargah is believed to be one the Oldest and Historic Imam Bargah. Here is the Largest ALam Pak of Sindh.


Reti: A Small City of Great Significance in Si

  • Govt High School
  • Govt Boys Primary School (Main)
  • Govt Girls Primary School
  • Govt Girls Midel School
  • Roshan Tara Public School
  • Kids Garden Public School
  • Shahlatif Public School


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