Sadhu Hiranand Advani: The Soul of Sindh

Sadhu Hiranand Advani (1863-1893) born in Hyderabad city Sindh province, then British India, now Sindh, Pakistan. He was a notable Sindhi social reformer, educationalist, journalist and human rights activist. He acquired his early education from his hometown Hyderabad but went to get his higher education from (Calcatta) now Kolkata, Bengal. Where he met great people like Shri Keshab Chandra Sen and Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa, which inspired him so much that when he returned home, he developed an academy called Union Academy in Hyderabad along with his brother Sadhu Navalrai, the purpose of this academy was to raise awareness amongst young people and educate them about things happening in the world. Soon, they both launched awareness campaigns throughout the city to promote education; particularly for girls, it was quite uncommon for girls to go to school back then. As most of the parents were reluctant because they feared that their girls will become transgress. He also initiated a sindhi newspaper Sind Sudhar in the year of 1886, where he remained as the chief editor for three years. He passed away at very young age but contributed too much during his short life. Rishi Dayaram Gidumal called him “Sindh Ji Aatma” or “Soul of Sindh”



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