Sales in Sindh

The degree program of Sales in Sindh has been designed for students having 12-years education who need to develop knowledge of working in a sales and marketing business in the local and global marketplace; indicate an understanding of the basics of marketing and supply chain management; establish the skills to understand and implement business plans; increase the skills essential to formulate and plan selling the products; and understand the promotion and delivery of products or services as a primary element in response to customer requirements. The students of this degree are expected to be self-employed or employed by public enterprises and private corporations at entry level jobs in marketing, procurement and sales/ distribution departments.

Here on Sindhi Dunya, we’ve offered a complete guide for all those interested students who desires to get admission in Sales degree. We’ve given here the admission criteria of various universities here as well.

Admission Criteria:

  • Bachelors Program of Sales in Sindh:

After gaining the education until intermediate, the aspirants can apply in the 4-years program of Sales in Sindh if they are interested.

  • Masters Program of Sales:

It is a 2 year program course.

  • MS / M.Phil Program of Sales:

It is a 2-year program course after bachelors.

  • PhD Program of Sales:

After MS / M.Phil in Sales, the minimum period for completion of PhD in the course of Sales in Sindh is three years from the date of registration, and the maximum period is seven years.

Following is the complete list of most notable universities and colleges which are providing the degree of Sales in Sindh:





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