Sarfaraz Rajar: The Awe-Inspiring Political personality & Poet of Sindh

Sarfaraz Rajar, son of Haji Noor Mohammad Rajar, was born on the day of 1 March 1952 at village Khani Rajar, KhiproSanghar District. He is looking after Sindhi Language Authority as chairman. He is poet, author of 4 books having political career as adviser chief minister of Sindh.

Background of Sarfaraz Rajar

Sarfaraz Rajar is grandson of Sufi and mystic poet Manthar Fakir Rajar.


Sarfaraz did his matriculation from Government High School Khipro in the Year 1969 and graduated in the year of 1975, Master of Arts (Sindhi) in 1983 from the institute of University of SindhJamshoro, Sindh.

Professional career

Mr. Rajar diverted his complete attention to his ancestral profession agriculture. Having political influence, he has joined Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and had been opted as president of the Cultural Wing of Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh. He is presently working as chairman Sindhi Language Authority, a custodian of Sindhi Language. He is working on Sindhi language and supervising Sindhi computing for future requirements. He is active member of governors board in Sindhi Adabi Board.

Literary career

Having cultural essence Mr. Rajar is writer and columnist in Sindhi, Urdu and English languages. He started literary work from early age. His writings were regularly issued in regional newspapers and magazines. He wrote 4 books: 1. Neenh-u-Sagio Nigahoon Sagioon (poetry) 1998 (Sindhi: نينهن ساڳيو نگاهون ساڳيون‎), 2. Leader of Destiny (articles)[7] 3. Galhyoon Pet Waran mein (Sindhi: ڳالهيون پيٽ ورن ۾‎) (Columns) 4. Ek-Safar Aur (Urdu: اک سفر اور‎) Urdu poetry.




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