Sarmad Sindhi: The Revolutionary Singer of Sindh

Sarmad Sindhi (original name Abdul Rehman Mughal) (Sindhi: سرمد سنڌي‎) was an eminent Sindhi folk and Sindhi revolutionary singer born on the day of 7 July 1961 at Piryaloi, District Khairpur Mir’s. He was murdered; someone broke his car brakes on the day of 27 December 1996.

Education of Sarmad Sindhi

He passed matriculation from the region of Piryaloi, gained Diploma of Associate Engineering from Government Technical College Khairpur Mir’s in the year of 1980.

Professional career

In the year of 1984, Sarmad Sindhi was appointed by the Hyderabad Development Authority (HDA) and then became engineer in Building Control Authority Karachi city.

Singing career

Sindhi’s career started in the year of 1978 in small parties and gatherings in college where he sang national songs which touched the hearts of youth. It was the time period of of Martial law (politically named Operation Fair Play of dictator Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq when Sindhi national songs were listened to with great zeal by every sindhi young and old ones. He established the revolutionary sensation through his melodious voice with national songs. Hence, the founder of Sindhi nationalist movement Jeay Sindh, G. M. Syed offered him the title of Sarmad Sindhi. He was introduced at Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Hyderabad, Sindh province by producer Kosar Buriro and Pakistan Television Corporation Karachi by Producer Sami Baloch. “Maroo loli” and “Tuhinji Yad ji wari aa weer” were his 1st songs which were aired from Radio Pakistan Hyderabad city. Afterwards, his songs reached at every home through television, radio, stage programs and audio cassettes. He did not take any professional training of singing from any maestro singer. He had his own and a distinctive style of singing. He himself chose poetry and made the compositions of songs. He was neither a classical nor a semi classical singer. He ever wanted to develop innovation in music. He original belonged to Punjabi family but he loved Sindh ans Sindhis People. He got titles like “Sindh jo Beejal (Sindhi: سنڌ جو ٻيجل‎)”, “Raag jo Rano (Sindhi: راڳ جو راڻو‎)” and “Víctor Jara of Sindh”.


It was on the day of 27 December 1996, when Sarmad Sindhi was returning from Badin to Karachi city when his vehicle collided with a truck trolley in which he along with his friends badly wounded. While he was being taken to hospital he passed away on the way.




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