Shadab Rasool Buriro: The Genius Student of Sindh, Pakistan

Shadab Rasool Buriro is a student from Khairpur city who won the GENIUS (Global Environmental Issues-US) Olympiad silver medal held in the year of  2011 as well as a $250,000 scholarship from the State University of New York on his research regarding the industrial pollution. At the beginning his project (Toxic Water Purification by Tea) was initially sent to the Pak-Turk School’s head office at Islamabad and then after the project was forwarded to the US.

Education of Shadab Rasool Buriro

He was the student of the Pak-Turk International School Khairpur.

His methodology

Shadab Buriro presented his project “Removal of Pollutants from Industrial Waste Water by usage of Tea Waste” in the contest. He gathered the used tea, washed it with boiled water until the tea lost its entire color and he then dried it. After then he made mixtures of contents usually found in industrial waste, such as cadmium, lead, nickel and phenol, and then he mixed them with the dried tea. After waiting for 60 minutes Shadab Rasool Buriro examined different filtrates obtained by a spectrophotometer and recorded the concentration of each pollutant separately thus the results demonstrated that used tea waste can remove pollutants. He also did research project Life without Mosquitoes Using Organic Garlic Spray.

Although such method for cleaning the water was also used before and a paper was issued in the Journal of International Environmental Application & Science regarding the used tea waste that helped remove phenol from industrial waste water in Kosovo. Mehran University of Engineering and technology, Jamshoro also released a paper in the Sindh University Research Journal on how used tea waste could remove arsenic from aqueous solutions, whereas the Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering did also researched on waste tea for the removal of pollutant agents from the water.


Buriro’s achievement was recognized by the Turkish government which sponsored him for a 15-day visit to Turkey and was officially launched by the Turkish government as the boy who competed against the students from fifty countries.



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