Shahdadkot: The Most Populated Town of Qambar Shahdadkot, Sindh

Shahdadkot (Urdu: شهداد كوٹ‎, شهداد ڪوٽ) is believed to be the most populated town of Qambar Shahdadkot District of Sindh, Pakistan. Most of the land around the place of Shahdadkot belonged to Khuhawar’s, Seelra, Hindus community. Khuhawar tribe is famous for its huge contributions for the city, having the largest land holding by any tribe, donated city plots for establishment and prosperity of the city, like for library, public schools, graveyard, SGS gas office, stadium etc to the government. The name of Shahdakot is derived after Shahdad Khan who is considered to be Khuhawar. Its complete name Shahdadkot came from the powerful historical relations between the 2 communities i-e Khuhawars, and Silra’s, and to mention contribution of Silra community for the city. Shahdadkot has a population of almost 400,000 people. It is situated around 44 kilometers northwest of Larkana and 32 kilometers north of Kambar. It is located on the border of Sindh with Baluchistan province in the side of west and north.

The present MPA of this town is Nadir Magsi appointed in 2008 General Elections and consecutively in 2013. Sultan Ahmed Khuhawar was the MPA elected in the year of 2002 General Elections under the regime of Musharraf when most of the PPP candidates were in exile.

The Magsi tribe is basically from Jhal Magsi district across the border in Baluchistan but after that influx has dramatically added to their figures in thousands.

Disinterest in regional politics and a-political behavior of the Khuhawar, Sheikhs and Hindu tribes paved the path for Baloch dominance and the dominance of Punjabi Kambohs in regional politics.

In historical days, Khuhawar tribe was famous for its outstanding diplomatic resolution of disputes between 2 much larger tribes it was sandwiched between i.e. Chandios and Magsis. Both tribes have battled various tribal wars for a hundred years and the Khuhawar tribe always calmed both sides so the economic and social fabric of the place wasn’t torn apart due to these wars.

Mian Data Khuhawar is considered to be a Sufi Saint and the Commander-in-chief of Kalhoras Army during the period when Napoleon was in power in the state of France. His shrine is in the outskirts of Sehwan Sharif.

Shadadkot is also very significant strategically due to its proximity to Afghanistan (Kandahar). During the British-Afghan battle the Khuhawar and Hindu tribes assisted the British transport its goods to the state of Afghanistan for which they were favorably compensated.

The town is believed to be one of the constituencies of the ex-prime minister of Pakistan, Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto, and the ex-minister of Baluchistan, Dr. Tara Chand.

Few outer parts of Shahdadkot, mostly agricultural farms, were impacted by the 2009 floods although the town was secured with the joint efforts of regional inhabitants and Pakistan Army.

Shahdadkot is believed to be one of the hottest places in Pakistan. In the season of summer, temperatures can reach 52 °C (126 °F). The humid and hot weather is significant for the cultivation of peddy, making Shahdadkot the 2nd greatest market of peddy and rice in Sindh.

The original name of Shahdadkot is Silra Shahdadkot although it is mostly popular by its shortened name.





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