Shahpur Chakar: A Glance on the Small City of Sindh

Shahpur Chakar is merely a small city near the famous city of Shahdadpur in the Sanghar District of Sindh province, Pakistan. It is situated at a height of 17 meter (56 feet). The city is named after Mir Chakar Talpur, the son of Mir Shahdad Talpur. Landlord Abdul Qadir Sanjrani was Minister and Ambassador of country Pakistan to Kenya, also belongs to the city Shahpur Chakar


Shahpur Chakar is located in the Mirpur Khas Division, Sanghar, Taluka Shahdadpur; it is deployed between the cities of Nawabshah and Sanghar, 30 kilometer (19 mi) away from each city. The estimated population of Shahpur Chakar is about 50,000. There are more than 100 communities who are living in Shahpur Chakar and nearby small villages (called “Goth”s in the language of Sindh).


Shahpur Chakar is a refuge to Mir Shahdad Jo Qubo, an ancient graveyard in the northwest of the city, consisting of the graves of the 12th century military commanders Mir Chakar Khan Talpur and Mir Shahdad Khan Talpur and their families


There are merely 2 Higher Secondary Schools in the city of Shahpur Chakar, 1 each for boys and girls, 2 girl’s primary schools, 2 co-educational primary schools and various private English-medium schools.


The economy of the city Shahpur Chakar entirely relies on agriculture; the primary products are cotton, wheat, banana and mango.


There was a famous train service from the city Nawabshah to Mirpur Khas through Shahpur Chakar which is no longer in operation or work but a strategy to restart this service soon has been declared named Raja Mail and other one ancient transport was Baba Gulsher Transport Service. There is a comfortable air-conditioned coach service (Javed Saleem Coach Service) to and from the city Hyderabad, Tando Adam and Shahdadpur twice a day and minibus services are present to and from the city Nawabshah and Sanghar; for the transport within the city, there are ordinary auto-rickshaws for serving the populace.



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