Shamsuddin Bulbul: The Pioneer of Modern Sindhi Literature

Raees Shamsuddin Bulbul (born on the day of 21 February 1857, original name Raees Muhammad Paryal) (Sindhi: شمس الدين بلبل‎) was a famous poet, prose writer and journalist. He was born at the place of MeharDadu DistrictSindh province. His real name was changed to Shamsuddin on the suggestion of his Murshid. “Bulbul” was his pen name. Shamasuddin, son of Bahadur Khan Shino, was born in 1857 at Mehar. His books, “Deewan e Bubul”, “Kalam e Bulbul aen jaam e jam” are published. He left the mortal world on the day of 13th September 1919.

Early life of Shamsuddin Bulbul

Shamsuddin Bulbul was educated in the languages of Sindhi and Persian. He was a superintendent in the engineering department for a short time period. He shifted to the Karachi city where he met Hassan Ali Effendi who elected him as an editor in Muawin ul Islam newspaper. He passed away on the day of 13 September 1919.

Literary career

During this time period, his philosophical essays were published. He also offered several services for the “Sindh Muhammadan Association”. He made individuals realize that Muslims must unite and, through his poetry, he taught Muslims to take the correct path. After the death of Hassan Ali Effendi, Shamsuddin Bulbul became sub editor of Daily Khair Khuwa (Larkana), Daily Musafir (Hyderabad) and Daily Aftaab (Sukkur). It is claimed that he introduced humor to Sindhi poetry. He was believed to be one of those who are remembered as pioneers of Modern Sindhi Literature. He discovered Madarast ul Islam in Mehar in the year of 1906.


His poetic collection was released by Sindhi Adabi Board in the year of 1969.

Shamsudin Bulbul Foundation

For the betterment of education in rural areas of Sindh province, Bulbul’s family runs the Shamsudin Bulbul Foundation in the city of Jamshoro, Sindh.


He breathed last on the day of 13 September 1919.




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