The Significance of Sindh Province

Sindh is a significant province of country Pakistan. Its importance can be judged from the logic that Sindh is called as Bab ul Islam as the conqueror of Arab Mohammad Bin Qasim stepped into the Sub Continent via the shores of Sindh. However, devoid of any elegantly beautiful physical characteristics, the province of Sindh has its own charisma. The upper Sindh has good fertile soil and is covered with lush green fields. It has abundance in mineral resources and deposits of natural gas, coal and crude oil are discovered here.

Some section of the giant Thar Desert deploys in the part of eastern Sindh. Thar has a charm of its own. There are various lakes in the province of Sindh with Manchar Lake, Karli Lake, Haleji Lake and Keenjhar Lake being most significant. Manchar Lake has the uniqueness of being the greatest fresh water lake in the country Pakistan while Haleji Lake is the greatest water fowl refuge of Asia.

The province of Sindh can also boast of a rich background. The remnants of Moen Jo Daro dating back to 2600 BC and one of the ancient settlements are discovered here. Other ancient establishments involve the Pucca Qila, Rani Kot fort, Graveyards of Makli and Chaukhandi and the Shah Jehan Mosque.

The province of Sindh is also popular for its rich handicrafts. The most popular being the Ralli quilts. Ralli is a handmade productivity of human devotion, creativity and intelligence. Various colored pieces of cloths are stitched together in multiple patterns to generate a ralli. It is an important part of a dowry for girls and she initiates weaving it from an early age helped by her mother. Ralli has much more significance than a quilt/ bed linen, it is a young lady’s dreams and expectations and prayers of her mother for a bright future.

Ajrak which is a block printed cotton shawl is the benchmark of province Sindh. It is created from vegetable dyes with maroon as the important ajraks to offer honor and respect.

Skull caps, cushion covers, jackets, tunics, table mats entire embroidered with elegant mirror work are also made out in the province of Sindh. Classy silver jewelry is another product very much in demand among girls.

The people of Sindh are wise, sensitive and broad minded. The province of Sindh has given various seasoned and patriotic politicians to the country Pakistan.



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