Significant Minerals Found in Sindh

Nature has hidden valuable wealth of resources and minerals under the surface of land. The men found these minerals after great labor and utilize them for their own profit. The province of Sindh is very fertile and rich in minerals. The following rich minerals have been founded so far in this province.



There are great reserves of coal at Meting and Jhumpir in the district of Thatta. It is assumed that there are over 25 Million metric tons of coal deposits in these sites. At current times, we are getting 20 thousand metric tons of coal yearly from these mines. A very huge coal mine has presently been founded at Lakhra in Dadu District where a reserve of over hundred million metric tons of coal has been observed. A recent coal field has also been discovered in the city of Tharparkar. This mine has a major deposit of coal.



We acquire salt from Saran Lake in the city of Taluka Deeplo District Tharparkar. It is the largest salt lake in the province of Sindh. Another great salt lake is situated in the city of Taluka Khipro district Sanghara. Its proposed name is Dhalyar Lake. We receive about 2 hundred thousand metric tons of salt yearly from the sea water at the sites of Mauripur and Dhabeji, near Karachi.



A major quantity of limestone is present nearly in all the mountains of the province Sindh. It is utilized for manufacturing mortar and cement. We also create bleach powder and caustic soda from limestone.



In Sindh province, alum is discover in Kheerthar Ranges. Water is filtered with the assistance of alum. It has also various medical benefits.



It is a very precious stone. It is seen in most of the mountains of Sindh Province. It is utilized for manufacturing cement, fertilizers, chemical, plaster of paris and paper.

2Silica Sand:

Silica Sand:

Salika Sand is utilized in making glass. Sindh Province has huge reserves of this sand.

1Sodium Compound:

Sodium Compound:

It is discover in the Valley of Eastern Nara and lakes of Khairpur and the. It is utilized in making soap and tanning hides and skins.



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