Sindh Province: A Hub of Economic Power

The country of Pakistan has got remarkable opportunities. One of its provinces Sindh is known to be the resource rich province having a great potential of becoming a power and economic hub. A proposed press conference was arranged at the residence of UAE Council General. A high-powered authority officer delegation, headed by Syed Qaim Ali Shah, is attending the 2nd yearly investment conference scheduled being launched in Dubai.

While speaking to the press, Syed Qaim Ali Shah acknowledged the government of UAE for arranging the event and stated such events would make UAE a destination for business cooperation.

Sindh has bestowed with entire resources to become local powerhouse. The province of Sindh has proven reserves of 175 billion tons coal that can generate 100,000 MW of electricity, well enough 300 years. Furthermore, it also has a 180 kilometer long wind corridor and generates over 70% of country’s gas and 51% of oil. The province of Sindh has over 5.4 million hectares of land for cultivation and contributes about 23% to agriculture of country that increases its significance for agri-businesses and food processing.

It also has an important competitive edge in the production of horticulture specially dates, mangoes, guava, onions, banana and red chilies. Additionally, the province of Sindh also has great potential for livestock, involving the production of dairy and halal meat. The province of Sindh has 350 kilometers coastline and accounts for 71% of country’s marine resources involving fish and shrimp.

Both the provincial and federal governments have evolved a very appealing program regime for foreign investment providing range profits for foreign investors. The Sindh’s chief minister specifically referred to Thar coal and wind projects with persuasive tariff complimented by service for dollar deployed repatriation of profits plus a zero rated import responsibility on the import of advanced machinery.

He summarized that “The mineral resources of Sindh and renewable energy resources coupled with an appealing incentive package, it was an outstanding opportunity for international industries to invest in this portion.”



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