Sindhudesh Liberation Army (SLA)

The Sindhudesh Liberation Army (Also famously called as Sindh Liberation Army or SLA) is an agency based in the province of Sindh  of Pakistan comparable to the Baluchistan in terms of its aims strives to develop an independent state of Sindhu Desh. The Sindhudesh Liberation Army became famously known during the year of 2010, after it announced bomb blast on railway tracks near the city of Hyderabad. The group is presently headed by Chief Commander Darya Khan. The media of Pakistan also condemned that Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz’s Chairman Mr Shafi Muhammad Burfat is functioning Sindhudesh Liberation Army from the city of Kabul.

Declaration as a terrorist organization

In several times, the electronic and print media of Pakistan, the official of law enforcement organizations denounced that Sindhudesh Liberation Army is a proposed terrorist organization. Pakistan has repeatedly accused and blamed the state of India for supporting the Sindhudesh liberation Army (SLA). But in the leaflets of SLA, Commander Darya Khan called himself a son of soil.

Rise of Sindhi separatism

In the previous 2 years, there has been observed a steady rise in low-intensity bomb explosions in the various parts of Sindh. Since the month of May 2012, the organization has emerged and attacked on the several branches of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) in various districts of Sindh province. Sindhudesh Liberation Army (SLA) is also very much notorious for series of bomb blasts in the same day and same time across the entire province of Sindh.




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