Tanveer Abbasi: The Eminent Sindhi Poet of Pakistan

Tanveer Abbasi was a notable Sindhi-language poet. He wrote poems on several topics such as philosophy of life, nationalism, awakening and so on.

Personal Life

Tanveer Abbasi was born to Gul Muhammad Abbasi on the day of 25th November, 1934 at village Sobho Dero (District Khairpur). He acquired early education from Sadhoo Hiranad Academy, Karachi city. He acquired his Secondary School Certificate from NJV High School, and did F.Sc form DJ Science College Karachi. Later, he attended Liaquat Medical University where he obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS).

Poetry of Tanveer Abbasi

His poetry reflected life of ordinary people. With his poetry, he tried to awaken people of their slumber. One of his famous poems is:

ماضيءَ تي ٿا پاڻ پڏايو٬

حال ۾ ڪهڙا آھيو؛

شتر مرغ جان واريءَ ۾ ڇو

پنھنجو منھن ٿا لڪايو؛

پيالو مون ته ڀريو آھي پر،

ھٿ اوھان به وڌايو؛

پوئتي ڏسندي اڳتي وڌبو

ڪيئن ڀلا، سمجھايو؛

ماضيءَ تي ٿا پاڻ پڏايو،

حال ۾ ڪهڙا آھيو.

(Roughly translated as:

“You are bragging about your past,

Are you living in present!

Why like an ostrich

you bury your face in sand?

I have filled the cup,

you do extend your hand!

By looking backward,

you would progress ahead, how? explain?

You are bragging about your past,

Are you living in present!”)

He has highly condemned prosaic style of living.


He wrote following renowned books:

  1. رڳون ٿيون رباب (شاعري: 1958ع)
  2. شعر (1970ع)
  3. جي ماريا نه موت ( ويٽ نامي ناول جو ترجمو: 1973ع )
  4. ٻاراڻا ٻول ( چونڊ ۽ ترتيب: 1973ع )
  5. شاه لطيف جي شاعري ( تحقيق: جلد I 1976ع )
  6. شاهه لطيف جي شاعري ( جلد ٻيو ، 1985ع )
  7. شاهه لطيف جي شاعري ( 3 جلد گڏ ، 1989ع )
  8. سج تريءَ هيٺان ( شاعري: 1977ع )
  9. جديد سنڌي شاعري ( چونڊ ۽ ترتيب: 1981ع )
  10. خير محمد هيسباڻيءَ جو ڪلام ( ترتيب: 1983ع )
  11. نانڪ يوسف جو ڪلام ( ترتيب: 1982ع )
  12. ڏوري ڏوري ڏيهه ( سفرنامو: 1984ع )
  13. هيءَ ڌرتي ( شاعري: 1985ع )
  14. Sachal Sarmast
  15. منهن تنين مشعل ( خاڪا: 1990ع )
  16. تنوير چئي ( شعري ڪليات:1989ع )
  17. ترورا ( ادبي مضمون ، خاڪا ، يادگيريون ، سفرنامو: 1988ع )
  18. ساجن سونهن سرت ( شاعري: 1996ع )
  19. سپني کان سهڻي ساڀيا ( تقريرون ۽ ليڪچر: 2002ع )
  20. سچل جو رسالو ( ترتيب:اڻ ڇپيل )
  21. مون کي اڳتي وڃڻو آهي ( سفرناما: 2000ع ) .

In addition to these, he wrote numerous articles and columns.



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