Thattai Bhatias: The Notable Clan of Sindhis

Thattai Bhatias is a renowned Rajput clan settled in the state of India. This clan shifted to India from the Thatta District, Sindh province after independence of Pakistan in the year of 1947.

Geographically, their origins are from Jaisalmer. The community was genuinely termed as Bhattis. After they dispersed from Jaisalmer post the Mughal invasion to north of Punjab, Kutch, Bahawalpur, Multan, and also to a place called Thatta in Sindh province, the Bhattis started being recognized with their respective geographies; for instance, the Bhattis in Kutch became the Kutchi Bhatias and the Bhattis in Thatta became Thattai Bhatias.

The language spoken by the Thattai Bhatias differ deployed on the geographical areas they settled into. Before India-Pakistan partition, Large sections of Thattai Bhatias, originally from Jaisalmer had shifted to a place called Thatta, a small region landlocked around the borders of Sindh & Kutch regions. Thattai Bhatias speak Bhatia language which is unique in itself, although some words & dialects have influences similar to Kutchhi & Sindhi. This is primarily the reason why in the modern world many people mistakenly think Bhatias to be Sindhis. This Thatta area is now in Sindh province of Pakistan. Since, the origin of Thatta Bhatias, who follow Vaishnav sect, roots back to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan their deity of religious worship is Shrinathji. The Kuldevi of Thattai Bhatia Sendhni Mataji – a form of Goddess Durga is mostly seen sitting on Camel, roots backs to its origin in Jaislamer. In today’s times one of the strongest clan of Bhatias found in UAE & middle eastern countries is Bhatias -some the richest & leading business holders, especially in Bahrain. The Bhatias were considered amongst the top three Indian communities undertaking trading relations with Bahrain, Qatar and Oman.



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