The Most Powerful Mughal Governor: Mirza Ghazi Beg

Mirza Ghazi Beg Tarkhan of Tarkhan Dynasty in the province Sindh governed from the capital city of Thatta. He was the strongest Mughal governor who managed Sindh, during whose rule the state had become fiercely hones and loyal to the Mughals. In the province of Sindh, a network of small and huge castles manned by musketeers and cavalry further expanded Mughal power during the rule of Mughal EmperorShah Jahan. He was a descendant of the strong Mirza clan which had come in the state with the Mughal Emperor Mirza Babur Beg who had attacked and conquered the continent South Asia in the time period of 1526. Mirza Ghazi Beg spoke approximately 3 languages which involve Sindhi (his native-tongue), Persian (the genuine language of the Mughal Empire) and few Turkic.

This personality remembered for the completion of the monumental Shah Jahan Mosque established in the time period of 1647-49 at city Thatta, he is also acknowledged for launching the Sindhi Abjad (new Sindhi alphabets alongside the real Arabic Alphabets). He was a charming and passionate leader who had a thorough passion for Horse-back Archery and Sufi teaching skills. Mirza Ghazi Beg took strict action against the extremist Hindu Brahmans. During his rule in the time period of 1568 Debal a Sindhi port city near the city Thatta was invaded by the Portuguese Admiral Fernão Mendes Pinto in an effort to apprehend or ruin the Ottoman vessels anchored there, the port was highly damaged and a giant Mughal force armed with muskets was deployed on the shores to ignore such dreadful invasions and landings by the nation Portuguese.



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