The Renowned Chief Ministers Of Sindh

Sindh is the 2nd largest province of country Pakistan. The province has been acknowledged to be famed as Bab-ul-Islam as it was the area where the religion Islam opened its arms for the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent.

Sindh has witnessed many eras of multiple chief ministers who are elected via provincial assembly to serve and lead as the head of provincial government. Muhammad Ayub Khoro was the 1st CM Sindh after the Pakistan’s independence. He has also served the country as the Defence Minister of Pakistan in the era of Feroz Khan Noon. Currently, Syed Qaim Ali Shah is serving as CM Sindh.

Let’s take a look at the brief list of CM Sindh from 1947 to present epoch. 

  • Muhammad Ayub Khoro as CM Sindh for 1st time
  • Pir Ilahi Bux
  • Yusuf Haroon
  • Qazi Fazlullah Ubaidullah
  • Muhammad Ayub Khuhro as CM Sindh for 2nd time

We were unable find any personality serving as CM Sindh for the time period of December 1951 to May 1953 because of the imposition of Governor’s rule that time. After that, Pirzada Abdul Sattar took the oath as CM Sindh and headed the province from the time period of May 22, 1953 to November 8, 1954. Furthermore, the post of CM Sindh was eliminated for the time period of October 13, 1955 to June 30, 1970 and the country Pakistan faced the martial law from the integrated period of July 1, 1970 to May 1, 1972 and July 5, 1977 to April 6, 1985.

The remaining list of CM Sindh involves:

  • Muhammad Ayub Khuhro as CM Sindh for 3rd time
  • Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi
  • Mumtaz Bhutto as CM Sindh for 1st time
  • Ghous Ali Shah
  • Akhtar Ali Ghulam Qazi as CM Sindh for 1st time
  • Akhtar Ali Ghulam Qazi as a caretaker CM Sindh for second time
  • Qaim Ali Shah
  • Aftab Shaban Mirani
  • Jam Sadiq Ali
  • Syed Ali Madad Shah
  • Muzzaffar Hussain Shah
  • Syed Abdullah Shah
  • Mumtaz Bhutto as CM Sindh (caretaker) for 2nd time
  • Liaquat Ali Jatoi
  • Abdul Qadir Halepoto as caretaker
  • Ali Muhammad Mahar
  • Arbab Ghulam Rahim
  • Qaim Ali Shah as CM Sindh for 2nd time
  • Zahid Qurban Alvi as caretaker
  • Qaim Ali Shah as CM Sindh for 3rd time



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