The Spectacular fort of Bukkur

The Spectacular fort of Bukkur
The Spectacular fort of Bukkur

Bukkur Fort is basically an island situated in Rohri, Sukkur District, Pakistan. Named Bukkur by Sayyid Muhammad Al-Makki in the 7th century of Hijri, this spectacular island is a limestone rock; the shape is in oval, 800 yards long and 300 yards broad, and nearly 25 feet in the height. In accordance to the Superintendent of Land Records and Registration, Sindh, in the year 1912, the site of Bukkur Island was about 255,292 sq. yards, or 49 acres. Today, Bukkur Island is protected and occupied by an Army public school, and the mausoleum of Sayyid Sadruddin, who was the authorized son of renowned personality Sayyid Muhammad Al-Makki.

Situation:The Spectacular fort of Bukkur

The solitary Bukkur fortress was located on a rock in the area of Indus, between the mere towns of Roree and S ukkur. It was a proposed degree and 20 minutes north of Sehwun, being latitude 27° 42′, and in longitude it was about 56 miles in the direction of eastward to that town.


  • The Bukkur fortress was built of brick, on a low steep rocky island of flint, located 400 yards from the left bank of Indus and about 50 less from the direction of eastern side to the river.
  • It has loop-holed walls and is flanked with the beautiful towers that sloped to the edge of water: they did not exceed 20 feet in height.
  • There was a doorway on per side of the fortification facing the areas Roree and Sukkur, and similarly 2 wickets.
  • The interior of the works was decorated with mosques and houses, mosly of which, as well as the parts of the rock itself, occur above the wall.
  • In the shape, it was nearly oval, and it was about 800 yards long, and 300 in width.
  • At some areas, the rock had been scrapped and pared, but the spectacular Bukkur had no power in its works and was formidable due to its location or position.

Early history:The Spectacular fort of Bukkur

In 1225 A.D., Shums-ud-deen took a powerful army to the place Oochch to overthrow Nasir-ud-deen, who had settled himself at the place Bukkur; to this place Shums-ud-deen attacked Nizam-ul-Moolk, but Nasir-ud-deen, making an effort to escape from Bukkur, took a boat, which was sink in a storm, and he was drowned.




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