The Stunning Pop Singer Ali Haider

Ali Haider is a very popular artist, mostly known as one of the best pop singers from the country Pakistan. Ali Haider was born in the year 1967 in the city of Karachi on the 22nd October. In early 90’s, Ali was more connected with Pop genre specifically because of his song Purani Jeans.

Career Glimpses of Ali Haider:

Purani Jeans increased to popularity rapidly after its release because of its catchy yet somewhat relatable lyrics. The video too was much dramatic and funky with drama. The song highly revolved near college and teenage life. Ali issued his 1st album in the year 1988 and after that nearly sixteen albums have been promoted in his common pop way of singing.

Ali Haider is believed to be one of the versatile stars; he admires to write his songs and he also admires to act. He has taken characters in various dramas on PTV. One of his famous hit dramas is Chand sa Mukhra for which he sung the theme song of the drama.

Ali has sung numerous nauhas too (religious words generally in respect of Shuhda-e-Karbala). In the year of 2009, it was informed that Ali Haider left the music career entirely. He took a turn and concentrated fully on naat and nauhas. In the year 2011 though, he took taken a u-turn again and became a minor inclined towards the music company. He does not sing pop songs but has initiated singing several sufiana kalaams. The recognition of Ali Haider is significantly due to his sung pop songs and he has provided various famous songs to the music industry of Pakistan.



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