The True Soul and Culture of Larkana

Following are the main elements of Larkana’s culture which are believed to be the true soul of this land:

Clothes:The True Soul and Culture of Larkana

The inhabitants of Larkana wear Shalwar Kameez which is considered to be the national dress of Pakistan and is comfortably worn by females and males in all the provinces of Pakistan. The most distinctive component about the clothing style of persons here is Sindhi topi and Ajrak. Males are generally seen carrying an Ajrak on their shoulders wearing it around their neck. Ajrak is considered to be the sign of Sindhi traditions. Ajrak is also a part of school uniforms in few girls’ schools of Larkana. These school going girls mostly use Ajraks as a head scarfs.  This is generally an activity to promote the cultural heritage of the province Sindh.


Numerous traditions and customs can be analyzed if one get an opportunity to visit the city; Pirs and Murshids are provided due respect by the people belonging to villages of the city as well as some sects from the urban places. Individuals visit the mausoleums of Pirs and perform numerous rituals and Urs ceremonies. There are vast numer of tombs in Larkana like shrine of Syed Qasim Shah Bokhari, shrine of Bhutto family and many others. As far as celebrating rituals and events are observed, festivals like Sindhi topi and ajrak day, folk song festival etc are celebrated throughout the year. The main aim of such events/festivals is to promote cultural heritage through depiction of sindhi songs, the popular being, “jiye sindh jiye sindh wara jiyan sindhi topi ajrak wara jiyan”, wearing cultural dresses, singing folk songs and playing musical tools such as yaktaro, dholaks and tabla in the memory of some renowned sufis. Most of the males and females are also seen doing the traditional jhoomar dance at weddings and occasions. Furthermore, shooting and kodi kodi are the conventional games that are very common in the locality of Larkana; wrestling is basically a part of most of the festivals that take place here.

Agriculture and Food:

Larkana is popular for the Guava fruit; Larkana and Ratodero are popular for abundance of guava gardens and orchards. A rich land surrounds Larkana which generates all types of fruits, crops and some vegetables for instance rice, maize, matter, guava, sugarcane and mustard. Although, the distinctive crop of guava is harvested and sown in abundance in the locality of Larkana in the complete Sindh Province. An extensive part of guava is then exported to other countries as well. Rather than guava, lotus root is very popular and eaten by people a lot. Many tourists and visitors appreciate this vegetable dish when they visit Larkana. Sugarcane is cultivated and processed in sugar mills at Nau Dero.


Individuals of Larkana city are true well wishers and very determined people. The inhabitants welcome their guests with open hearts and in a generous manner. Larkana’s people consider Ajrak of a great honor and also present it as a gift to their guests that depict their love and hospitality. Sindhi rilli are also commonly seen in homes of many people and many females can be seen sewing these embroidered carpets. Rilli is also given as a gift to their guests by residents of Larkana city.




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