Justice Tufail Ali Abdul Rehman Zubedi was born in the city of Karachi, Sindh in the year 1921 and belonged to a highly honored family that produced many legal experts, government officers and people actively included in the education sector.

Family background and education

Tufail Ali Abdul Rehman father Barrister Abdul Rahman was an eminent member of the legal fraternity of the region South Asia, linked with the respectable Queens Council. Tufail Ali Abdul Rehman was married to his cousin Dr. Sarah Afroze Zubedi who after gaining graduation in medicine achieved 4 post-graduate degrees in several languages and was actively engaged in social work. He studied law at the institution of Aligarh University, and he along with his elder brother Barrister Hassanally A. Rahman were the leading architects of the Sindh Muslim Law College, Karachi. His elder brother was also the proposed Vice Chancellor of the University of Sindh on 2 occasions.  Subsequently Tufail Rahman Zubedi was included in the faculty of the law college he discovered in the University of Sindh Jamshoro. Mr. Tufail Ali Abdul Rahman Zubedi was succeeded by various notable family members, all of whom in their own right have gained respect both in the province of Sindh, Pakistan, and the world-at-large in the places of civil services, judiciary and education.

Prominent career as a legal luminary

Tufail Ali Abdul Rehman soon acquired the heights of the legal profession in the state of Pakistan and was elected to the high office of Attorney General of Pakistan by President Ayub Khan. Consequently, he was straightly elevated to the post of Chief Justice of the High Court of Sindh and Baluchistan in the year 1970. This made him one of the two judges in the whole background of Pakistan to be straightly elected chief justice of any high court; the other person being Justice Manzur Qadir who also facilitated as Foreign Minister of Pakistan. He worked very strenuously in this high office. During this time, he also was also appointed as acting Governor of Sindh. Justice Tufail Ali Abdul Rahman Zubedi was elected on the commission to inquire into the dismemberment of the region East Pakistan in the year 1971, famously called as the Hamoodur Rahman Commission. Throughout his whole life, Justice Tufail Rahman Zubedi attempted hard to maintain the independence of the judiciary.


Justice Tufail Ali Abdul Rehman Zubedi breathed last on the day of 16 January 1975 while holding the office of the Chief Justice High Court of Sindh at the young age of 54 on account of a huge background of rheumatic heart disease. Various emotional scenes were witnessed and seen during the Full Court Reference arranged in his honor. His commendable contributions towards preserving the independence of the judiciary were identified posthumously through an award granted during the year March 2006 by the Supreme Court of Pakistan for his dedication, hard work and effortless service in the field of law and dispensation of justice. His achievements have also been proudly highlighted by many in other communities.



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