Muhammad Juman: The Notable Sindhi Musician

Ustad Muhammad Juman (born on 10 October 1935 – died on 24 January 1990) was a popular Sindhi musician of Pakistan and classical singer whose influence on Sindhi music is yet pervasive.

He was born in the small village of Sorra, district Lasbela  in the province of Baluchistan, Pakistan to an eminent musicians family of Sakhirani clan. His father Haji Ahmed Sakhirani was also a popular Singer. Thus he eventually became fond of music from his period of childhood. He learnt the techniques related to music formally from a legendary Pakistani musician Ustad Nazar Hussain of Pakistan Television, Lahore Center, who was also famous music teacher of an iconic singer of the entire world i.e. Noor Jehan.
He was granted the Pride of Performance by the Government of Pakistan in recognition of his tremendous services in the field of music in the year 1980.


Early life and career

He went to Radio Pakistan in the city of Karachi to begin a career as a “Surando” Player (fiddler). He played several symphony of Kohyari in the proposed audition and began working as staff musician of Radio Pakistan in the city of Karachi. He then played “Surrando” in harmony with numerous artists particularly Ustad Muhammad Ibrahim. In the year 1955, he went to Radio Pakistan Hyderabad as a famous musician where he composed Kalams of several famous Sufi saints of the province Sindh.

Muhammad Jumman gained his music education from the iconic personality Ustad Nazar Hussain and Bari Waheed Ali Khan, professional on Bhittai’s Surs (Symphonies). He became very popular when he sang a Sindhi Kalam of the popular Sufi saint Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai:

منهنجو ملڪ ملير،ڪوٽن ۾ آءُ ڪيئن گذاريان

Munhjo Mulk Maleer

This Kalam was composed by eminent musician Debo Bhattacharya. Muhammad Jumman became renowned everywhere after conducting a Saraiki Kafi of Usman Faqir:

Yaar Dadhi Ishq Atish Lai Hai

Muhammad Juman was a daily performer of Sufi music on the famous Pakistan Television shows.
He also sang the popular Mir Sikandar Khan Khoso’s kafis “Ishq munjhon izhar thee ayo” and “Kech Punhal day hal kahay hal” at the place of Radio Pakistan. The son of Juman, Shafi Muhammad, also followed his path of kafi singing.

Muhammad Juman was granted with a Gold Award, Bedil Award, Saga Award, Latif Award, and Pride of Performance by the Government of Pakistan in the year 1980.


Muhammad Juman breathed last on the day of 24 January 1990 in the city of Karachi.

Ustad Muhammad Juman Khan live in MERI PASAND(PTV )-Yaar dhadhi ishq aatish laai (complete) [HD]



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