Zainab Tari Soomro: The Absolute Queen of Sindh

Zainab Tari Soomro, the Queen of Sindh, (in current-day Pakistan) ruled for 10 years from the time period of 1092 AD until 1102. She was the mere queen who had ever ruled the province of Sindh as an absolute ruler.

Life of Zainab Tari Soomro

Zainab was the eminent daughter of the Soomra King Asamuddin Daula Dodo Soomro of the Soomra Dynasty, who took the throne of Sindh province after the death of his father Asimuddin Bhoongar Soomro in the time period of 448 AH or 1064-65 AD with the title Dodo-I. Since no male issue followed her, the King elected tutors for the Princess who gave her training of how to rule the Kingdom and defend it from the enemies that had sacked Mansura.

King Dodo-I ruled Sindh province for almost 15 years. During this time period of his rule a son was born to him whom he named Shahabuddin Sanghar. While Sanghar Soomro was still a minor, Dodo-I abdicated the throne in the year of 1092 AD in favour of his daughter Zainab Tari, to live life of retirement. Since the Prince Shahabuddin Sanghar was a minor, the Council of Ministers and Sardars unanimously followed the wishes of their Monarch and crowned Sanghar’s sister Princess Zainab Tari as the sovereign Queen of Sindh.

During the time period of of Queen Zainab Tari, no foreign armies invaded the province of Sindh, and the capital city Tharri expanded, and trade with foreign countries increased. After the 10th year of her rule, under rule of succession she announced Sanghar as the king of Sindh. Consequently, Sanghar was declared as the Sovereign King of Sindh and Queen Tari retired to lead a family life.



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