If you are in UAE, than pay your Bank Debts now

ABU DHABI: Banking System within United Arab Emirates are trying to come up with such joint rating system, which will facilitate them to obtain information about any Bank Account Holder or borrower about their Credit History.

According to this system, a person who has not paid their loans for more than 3 months or who have not paid their 6 installments, will possess a legal enquiry against them.

Sources from Gulf Newspaper “Emirates Alyoum” told that, the new system will be connected with the Central Bank and Etihad Credit Bureau. There will be a legal proceeding against those who are not paying back their loan installments in a timely manner. Customers has been informed by their respective Banks about the system and they have been told that they have to pay their loans as soon as possible. They further said that they should avoid from any kind of delay to make their payments back to the banks. In other cases, if anyone found to fail to make their payments, they will be unable to make any kind of bank transaction throughout UAE. They also cannot borrow any kind of loans from any of the bank.

If you are in UAE, than pay your Bank Debts now

هاڻي عرب بينڪن کان قرض وٺڻ کان پهريون چڳي طرح سوچي وٺجو، عرب بينڪن جو هڪ اهم فيصلو

ابو ذهبي: متحده عرب عمارتن جون بينڪون ھڪ مجوعي درجه بندي نظام تيارڪري رھيون آھن، جنھن جي تحت مسلسل ٽن مھينن کان قرض جي قسط واپس نه ڪرڻ واري کي يا واپسي جي دوران ڪل ڇَھَ قسطون ادا نه ڪرڻ وارن جي خلاف قانوني ڪاروائي ڪئي ويندي. اخبار”امارات اليوم“ جي ذريعن ٻڌايو آھي ته نئين نظام جي تحت ماڻهن جي طرفان قرض جي واپسيءَ جي ڄاڻ سينٽرل بينڪ ۽ اتحاد ڪريٽڊ بيورو سان جوڙيو ويندو. قرض جي قسط جي ادائگي وقت تي نه ڪرڻ جي خلاف قانوني ڪاروائي ڪئي ويندي. بينڪن کان قرض وٺڻ وارن کي آگاھ ڪيو ويو آھي ته ھو ڪنهن به صورت ۾ پنهنجي ادائگيءَ کي پورو ڪن يا ادائگيءَ ڪرڻ ۾ دير ڪرڻ کان بچن، ڇو ته قرض جي قسط وقت تي ادا نه ڪرڻ وارن جي لاءِ ڪنهن قسم جي مالي ٽرانزيڪشن ڪرڻ يا ٻين بينڪن کان قرضو وٺڻ هاڻي ممڪن نه هوندو.