Benefits of Drinking water in Fasting Condition

ISLAMABAD: Health Experts has observed that drinking water while getting up at the morning in fasting condition, is beneficial for health. It prevents from many of health diseases.

A person should take 4 glasses at the morning after getting up from the sleep. Health experts told that, curing the diseases through drinking water is one of the traditional remedy. By drinking water in fasting condition at the morning prevents from headache, body ache, maintains healthy heart, fatness, TB and kidney diseases, Diabetes and many other diseases.

Health Experts said that one should take 4 glasses of water after getting up from sleep. Afterwards, one should brush their teeth and wash their face. Person should not eat any kind of food for 45 minutes after taking water. Those, who cannot even take a single glass at the morning, should start drinking water with lower volume and should increase the volume of water gradually.


خالي پيٽ پاڻي پيئڻ صحت جي لاءِ فائديمند

اسلام آباد: ماهرين جو چوڻ آهي ته صبح جو اٿندي هي خالي پيٽ پاڻي پيئڻ سان انسان ڪيترين ئي بيمارين کان محفوظ رهي سگهي ٿو. صبح جو اٿندي هي چار گلاس پيئڻ گهرجن. طبي ماهرين جي مطابق پاڻي سان علاج جو طريقو تمام پراڻو آهي. خالي پيٽ پاڻي پيئڻ سان مٿي جو سور، جسم جو سور، دل جي صحت، موٽاپي، ٽي بي گردن جي بيماريون، ذيابيطس سان گڏ ڪيترين ئي بيمارين جي لاءِ فائديمند آهي. صبح اٿندي هي چار گلاس پاڻي پيئڻ گهرجي ۽ ان کانپوءِ برش ڪري هٿ منهن ڌوئڻ گهرجي ۽ 45 منٽن تائين کائڻ کان پري رهو اهي ماڻهو جيڪي هڪ گلاس پاڻي پي نه ٿا سگهن اهي گهٽ مقدار کان شروع ڪن ۽ آهسته آهسته چار گلاسن تائين اچن.